Process mapping and documentation at Eclipse Automation: Balancing standardization and flexibility in an engineer-to-order operation

The first phase of the project produced a detailed modeling and documentation of the Sales and Quotation phase of the partner's business process. Interview results were combined with existing documents, database information, etc., to map and describe the business tasks in the process. The primary deliverable for the first phase was a detailed model of the partner's business processes. The model describes the major participants involved, including various functions and roles and interactions with customers and suppliers. The major processes and workflows are represented, and each process is specified in terms of its inputs, outputs, and a detailed description of the activities and/or sub-processes involved. The second phase of the project will extend the modeling and documentation exercise to the other phases of the company’s processes which include project planning phase, design phase, manufacturing & assembly phase, integration & acceptance phase, teardown & ship phase, installation & final acceptance phase and the project cleanup phase.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rob Duimering


Ponle Salu


Eclipse Automation






University of Waterloo



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