Rehabilitation Approaches for Steel Structural Plate Bridges

Structural steel plate products such as buried bridges, culverts, and pipes, are entering states of distress. Present day, little is known about the severity of the different deterioration mechanisms occurring in these structures and even less is known on how rehabilitate them accordingly. The following proposed research project will investigate the deterioration and rehabilitation of these structures. The project will summarize commonly encountered deterioration mechanisms, assess the suitability of state-of-the-art rehabilitation practices, and identify future research and development opportunities. With an understanding of how corrugated steel culverts behave near the end of their service lives, products may be designed more effectively and better guidance on infrastructure management of these asset will be made available. As a result, the project will lead to economic and social benefits to Canada and the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Moore


Robert Cichocki


Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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