Safe Cities, Urban Politics and Social Policy in North America

This project will fund Emily Diemert, a Wilfrid Laurier University undergraduate student, to collect research on the intersection between safer cities initiatives and social policies in Mexico City. Emily will be an exchange student at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, in Mexico City while also gaining experience as a researcher on data collection, coding and analysis of public documents. Emily’s research will contribute to a larger project that examines the logics and practices of new safer cities initiatives in North America and how these influence and shape social policy development at the local level. Internationally, there is a growing focus on how cities are mobilizing to provide for safety, both in terms of social policy and security. The outcomes of this grant will include knowledge mobility across countries both between academic institutions as well as among government and non-governmental organizations working in the area of safety, security and social policy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lucy Luccisano


Emily Evelyne Diemert






Wilfrid Laurier University


Globalink Research Award

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