Sex: It’s a matter of the heart

Heart failure is a complex cardiovascular disease with increasing global burden while the prognosis for patients remains poor. Risk factors and the type of heart failure differ between men and women. These differences can be due to sex – referring to biological differences – or gender – referring to social differences. In our project we will study the role of genetics in the different types of heart failure in men and women, using models that distinguish the contribution of both sex and gender. We will use genome-wide genotyping data from two AstraZeneca randomized clinical trials, the Montreal Heart Institute and the United Kingdom Biobanks, totaling >10,000 heart failure patients. The partner organization, AstraZeneca, will benefit from a better understanding of the genetic, sex and gender specific determinants of heart failure which can lead to a better definition of patient subgroups driven by distinct mechanisms and may ultimately lead to new improved therapeutic interventions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marie-Pierre Dubé


Anna Levinsson




Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Medical devices


Université de Montréal



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