Smart mutational exploration of the CalB lipase active site using a combination of virtual screening and iterative saturation mutagenesis

The company Odyssée Biotech specializes in the production of natural flavors and fragrances using innovative enzyme technologies. Using natural enzymes allows the enterprise to produce highly pure ingredients in mild conditions with a natural label. This green approach also makes this technology highly competitive and environmentally sustainable relative to other production methodologies employed in the industry. The strawberry and ice mint flavors are priority target products in the food and flavoring industry, but they are hard to produce using currently available enzymes. As a result, the main objective of this project is to use the latest biotechnological tools and expertise available to improve the efficiency of natural enzymes for the production of these flavors. This will allow Odyssée Biotech to diversify its offer in a highly competitive market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicolas Doucet


Yossef Lopez de los Santos, Lian Chew Fajardo


Odyssée Biotech




Life sciences


Université INRS



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