Statistical tools for quality control of aerospace structural parts made by Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) process

Composite materials have been increasingly used in today’s aerospace products such as Bombardier CSeries and Boeing787 airplanes. A widely used composite manufacturing process is Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) utilizing robotics, precision control, and other high tech tools. Quality requirements for aerospace products are at very high level for product safety and performance. Statistical quality control have been widely used for many decades in automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing as well as service industries. Since AFP is a relatively new manufacturing process, research is very limited on using statistical and numerical methods for productivity and quality improvement. To meet industry needs, in this project, we will investigate AFP quality control problems, identify proper statistical methods and develop effective and efficient statistical quality control tools for AFP manufacturing processes.

Faculty Supervisor:

MingYuan Chen


Cesar Rodriguez Gallegos


Bombardier Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing


Concordia University



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