StepWise: Using New Technology to Connect First Nations Youth for Friendship and Fitness

StepWise originated as a project created for the FOBIT (Faculty of Business Information Technology) event at the University Centre, February 28, 2008. Subsequently the project won 1st place for Best New Health-Related Idea in the 2008 IDC Ideas Competition. The StepWise concept involves a novel and unique usage of dance pads and free downloadable dance software. Although dance gaming technology has existed for some time, it has not previously been used to connect youth with each other via a webcam and web connection. PacifiConnections Inc. is a company formed to commercialise the StepWise concept. The company will be adapting and developing the existing prototype StepWise software in order to facilitate the delivery of a robust on-line application. The goal of this research project is to evaluate the true effectiveness of the technology in connecting participants in remote communities, and determining the likely social benefit to these communities and their members. The focus communities are initially BC-based First Nations. The results of this research will be used to inform the company's business plan and to determine the likely commercial viability of the service.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Dale Ganley


Daniela Alusik








University of Victoria



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