Strategies to attack cancers

Pascal Biosciences Inc. is a company developing immuno-oncology therapeutics to fight cancer. It was initially founded on ideas and research that originated from Dr. Wilf Jefferies’ laboratory at the University of British Columbia. Since then, the company has continued to collaborate with Dr. Jefferies and his team to forward the research, through direct sponsorship and through collaborative research partnerships. Pascal has a mandate to discover and develop targeted agents that enable the body’s own immune system to recognize and attack cancers. To do so, the company is currently advancing three research programs:
1. Developing a therapeutic monoclonal antibody for treatment of B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common childhood leukemia;
2. Optimizing novel classes of molecules that restore immune recognition and killing of cancer cells;
3. Regulating activity of immune system calcium channels to combat cancers, infections, and autoimmune diseases.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wilfred Jefferies


Shawna Stanwood


Pascal Biosciences Inc




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