Structural, Vibrations and Aerodynamic Analysis of Composite Trailer Tail System

The proposed project is to develop a design tool box with the cooperation R&D team in Transtex Composite, research fellow and academic supervisor. The design toolbox help the engineers in design department of Transtex Composite to design the trailer tail structure based on finite element analysis to be developed by research fellow. Therefore, this package saves time and design cost for different trailers which is added value for Transtex Composites. In addition research fellow will gain industrial experience in studying design requirements and standards for new product in North America market. This product improves the fuel efficiency of the trailer trucks which is beneficial for Canada environment. The proposed study will reduce the design cost, and the product market price which makes this product more popular.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rama Bhat


Ali Fellah Jahromi


Transtex Composite


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


Concordia University



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