Study clay deposits within the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (Fort Nelson area) for industrial applications

The town of Fort Nelson has been hugely impacted economically with the drop in oil prices and cancellation of west-coast LNG export. Local companies and entrepreneurs are looking for other natural resources in an attempt to save the region’s economy. Mindbody Networks Inc. has access to a variety of natural clay deposits distributed within the area that hold huge economic potential. In this research project, the suitability of this clay deposit for different industrial applications will be evaluated. The clay mineral will be sampled and then analyzed for its physical and chemical characteristics using different instrumental techniques. Physical, thermal and chemical treatment will be used to purify the clay. Properties of the natural and modified (treated) clay samples will be tested in the context of evaluating their potential for commercial applications including but not limited to environmental processes, oil/gas industries and cosmetic products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hossein Kazemian


Farzana Nargis


Mindbody Networks Inc


Environmental sciences


Natural resources




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