Suggestion-based, technology-assisted self-regulation training

Wearable devices such as smart watches are increasingly being used for clinical applications. The Octopus Watch, developed by Joy, helps children structure their days by giving reminders about upcoming events. Our pilot studies have shown that the watch may also be used in suggestion-based healing paradigms to improve self-regulation, focus, and relaxation in children with behavioural disorders. Our project will help Joy develop a function that gives buzzing notifications as programmed reminders throughout the day and will test this function in reducing behavioural symptoms in a group of 20 children. We predict that children receiving a suggestion treatment combined with the watch’s reinforcements will reduce behavioural symptoms compared to a wait-list control group. This project will thus help Joy explore clinical applications of their technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Samuel Veissière


Robert Thibault


Joy Family Tech




Medical devices


McGill University



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