Testing the response of sand samples to cyclic loading under different boundary conditions

Local site conditions can strongly influence the amplitude and duration of ground motion during an earthquake. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and understand the mechanical properties of soils. By testing the same samples with similar conditions in different devices we can obtain more accurate results for dynamic loading tests and imitate the stress history that a soil might experience. The preparatory work will include a series of tests that will be held at Ben Gurion University under the supervision of Dr. Ronnie Kamai, followed by a test-series on a different testing device, held at University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Mohsen Ghafghazi. Such comparison will allow us to develop a more comprehensive understanding and quantification of the soil’s response to dynamic excitation. The mechanical properties of the soil can then be used to describe the behavior the soil during earthquake loading. With these parameters it will be possible to create an analysis that is more proper and accurate to the local conditions in Israel, contrary to what we think exists in the local building code today.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohsen Ghafghazi


Almog Baram



Engineering - civil



University of Toronto


Globalink Research Award

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