The effects of Radical Plus® consumption on exercise capacity in humans

Muscle fatigue and associated perceived exhaustion are among the main barriers to physical activity and training adherence, which directly contributes to the spread obesity and cardio-metabolic diseases in Canada. While several dietary supplements claiming anti-fatigue properties exist on the market, a large number have not gone through robust scientific testing. The Radical Plus® product from Carpe-Diem Inc. is a liquid dietary supplement containing marine collagen, blueberry extract, and polyphenols. This food supplement is also purported to reduce exercise-induced stress and enhance endurance. While blueberry and collagen hydrolysate, taken independently, have demonstrated benefits to health and exercise capacity, the potential ergogenic impact of Radical Plus® has not yet been studied in humans. This study will therefore investigate the effects of a Radical Plus® consumption on exercise tolerance, physiological and perceived stress, and recovery in heathy humans. These results will confirm the product’s potency and benefit the partner organisation business health.

Faculty Supervisor:

François Billaut


Emma Galbraith


Carpe-Diem Inc


Visual arts


Medical devices




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