The Institution of Esoteric Buddhism and the Economy of Religious Enterprise in Mid-Tang P

This research project tries to explore how the Esoteric School of Buddhism established, maintained, and reformed its sectarian institution in China from the mid-eighth to the early ninth century. The project will answer the question by showing how monastic business of the school was developed and adapted for the purpose of attracting patronage in drastically changing political and economic circumstances and how it was realized by the leaders? creative interpretation of the school?s theology and soteriology. The project aims to showcase the vitality of economic concern in influencing the development of religious institution and ideology and the effectiveness of economic approach in the enquiry of the field of religious history. The outcome of the study is expected to help one partner organization to build a refined and elevated corporate culture and devise an advertising strategy that is informed by the evangelizing spirit of religions. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Jinhua Chen


Zeng Yang


Tzu Chi Foundation Canada


Visual arts






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