Treaties and Boundaries Project

The role of this internship is to assist in reaching the SSHRC goal for the Dreamcatcher system of capturing cultural data, traditional ecological knowledge, and traditional land use, creating as full a historical, cultural, and economic record as possible, as well as strong land use management/consultation, water and asset management, and public health systems. This information will inform cultural research, treaty negotiations, and community development. This goal will be reached by the intern: 1) developing resolute mapping in shape file format to aid in the research and display of Aboriginal cultural heritage and landscapes, 2) translating land claims, treaty and traditional territory mapping documentation into resolute Shapefiles using GIS, uploading resulting files to Dreamcatcher to help document and preserve materials and information of cultural and historic value for the MNCFN, and 3) adding attribute information to the resulting spatial features, such as boundary assumptions, sources and disputes, and significant related cultural information

Faculty Supervisor:

Donald Cowan


Richard Buchan


8392692 Canada Inc.


Urban studies


Environmental industry


University of Waterloo



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