Trusted Records in TAPESTRY Approach

New America’s Future of Property Rights program aims to create a solution for people all over the world to achieve their basic human right “to own, rent, or otherwise occupy property” (Panfil & Mellon, 2019). What is denying a large part of populations their basic human right is the “lack of proper documents” (Panfil & Mellon, 2019). To solve this important issue, the program proposes using emerging technology such as Self-Sovereign Identity or SSI to harness an abundance of data that already exists in a way that is “trustworthy, secure, and privacy preserving” (Panfil & Mellon, 2019).
Peer Social, whose goal is to build a secure communication and data-sharing solution using a decentralized architecture and encrypted ledger technology to give users complete control of how they are social, is interested in learning about this approach and the rationale behind it. They are also interested in learning about what trust could mean in records created through blockchain technology and especially through self-sovereign identity and what characteristics it must have to satisfy the United Nations requirements, and whether these characteristics can be converted into a point system, similar to credit card scores.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victoria Lemieux


Sadaf Ahmadbeigi


Peer Social




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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