Using Canadian natural zeolite to develop a multifunctional filter medium for removal of microorganisms and toxic heavy metals from polluted drinking water

The main goal of this research project is to develop an inexpensive multifunctional filtering medium for purifying contaminated drinking water using modified Canadian natural zeolite with different metal elements such as zinc, copper and silver. In this project, a filter material will be developed which has the ability to kill bacteria from drinking water sources. This filter will also be useful for removal of toxic heavy metals from contaminated drinking water. Canadian Zeolite Corp (CZC) is a Vancouver-based company involved in the exploration, development and production of the industrial mineral zeolite. CZC is a producer of natural zeolite from its own deposits in British Columbia, Canada. Through this research project, CZC will be able to obtain recent experimental results of zeolite properties along with the filter medium, which will be beneficial for expansion of their business into water treatment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hossein Kazemian


Lon Kerr


Canadian Zeolite Corp




Natural resources



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