Validation and Further Development of MAPS-Mooring for Deepwater Marine Risers

In the offshore industry, the design of risers/mooring systems for intermediate depths can be based on either experimental or computational methods. The computational methods have generally been based on uncoupled quasistatic analysis or semi-coupled dynamic analysis. The research team at the Advanced Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory at MUN, in collaboration with Oceanic Consulting Corportation, has developed a numerical tool, MAPS-Mooring, through a MITACS internship project, for static and dynamic analysis of mooring line and risers. The objective of this project is to validate and further develop MAPS-Mooring for the nonlinear dynamics analysis of marine risers in deepwater. The effect of sea bottom conditions on the dynamic responses of risers will also be investigated. A GUI interface will also be develop for MAPS-Mooring.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wei Qiu


Nigel William/Peter Ma


Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada




Aerospace and defense


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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