Virtual Energy Analysts & Transitioning Commercial Buildings to Net Zero

Owners of large commercial and institutional buildings are looking for ways to cut operating costs, reduce emissions, and green their operations. To make this process quicker, more responsive, and lower-cost, Edge Energy Technologies is developing a Virtual Energy Analyst Service. The goal of the service is to use real-time data to inform analysis of building energy consumption patterns by a remote analyst, to support building owners in reaching a net zero energy position for their buildings. The research question we are addressing in this project is the question of virtual service delivery: How can we provide real-time, valuable and actionable advice to building owners and managers about their energy consumption in an entirely virtual model, without requiring a staff member or consultant to visit the properties? Moving services to a virtual mode was already a goal for Edge Energy prior to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, which has served to emphasize the value of offering a virtual service. To accomplish this, Edge Energy and NSCC will engage Mitacs interns to research, develop, and test virtual energy services with the guidance of an experienced energy manager and in collaboration with real building managers and owners who will test the service in operation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wayne Groszko


Bahram Farrokhzad


Edge Energy




Professional, scientific and technical services


Nova Scotia Community College



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