Walking With Elders: Resistance and Development in Winnipeg’s Inner City 1960-2000

This is the second phase of a oral history project. Interns will assist in coding and analyzing over 100 hours of recorded interviews (transcribed) with more than 30 Indigenous Elder activists. In addition, they will conduct and record additional interviews in areas where knowledge gaps have been determined. They will work with project team to begin produce thematic digital materials for education purposes. The partner organization will benefit from having additional support to complete this research project that has been several years in the making. It will allow the MRA-CCPA to move to the final knowledge mobilization stage which will entail broad distribution and integration into at least one university course.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shauna MacKinnon;Noam Gonick


Kiera Kowalski;Sage Boulanger-McLeod


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives





University of Winnipeg



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