Mitacs Programs for Not-for-profit Organizations


Launching your innovation projects requires time, talent, and budget. With more than 20 years of experience helping organizations succeed, Mitacs has the funding and access to resources that will help you support your mission and achieve your innovation goals.

Realize your innovation potential

Tap into new funding streams to optimize your budget and establish the collaborative partnerships your organization needs to achieve its mission with help from Mitacs. Whether it’s recruiting top-ranked postsecondary talent, leveraging university resources, or facilitating connections with academics and highly skilled researchers, Mitacs can aid you in achieving comprehensive solutions for your community.

With more than 20 years of experience in the research-and-innovation ecosystem, Mitacs has fostered thousands of successful collaborations between not-for-profit organizations and academia, helping harness the key elements needed to maximize efficiency, grow their reach, and ultimately succeed in their mission.

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Mitacs offers a variety of exciting opportunities for collaborative fellowships and internships, which can help your organization bring innovation to life.

Innovation Deployment

Where Canada’s innovation ecosystem accelerates productivity

These six programs facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships between the not-for-profit sector and academia, providing exciting opportunities for the game-changing results of these collaborations to be deployed into your community.

By supporting not-for-profit organizations with access to talent, technology, and strategic partnerships, Mitacs can help you solve real-world  challenges and create economic value for Canada.

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Accelerate helps partner organizations boost their innovation potential through internships that tap into the expertise and insight of highly skilled students and postdocs.

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Accelerate Fellowship


Accelerate Fellowships help partner organizations enhance their research talent through internships with top-level Master’s and PhD students.

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Business Strategy Internship


BSI allows non-profit organizations of any size to tap into the expertise of top-ranked post-secondary interns in order to solve operational challenges, optimize their budget, and achieve their innovation goals.

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Elevate facilitates two-year mutually beneficial research collaborations between partner organizations and highly skilled postdoctoral fellows.

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