Community Based Participatory Research Strategies for Combining Creativity with Sustainability in the Arts and Beyond

The proposed Creativity and Sustainability post-doctoral fellowship will be situated at Mass Culture (MC),and executed in cooperation with University of Toronto Scarborough’s (UTSC) Urban Just Transitions(UJT). Over the years, MC and the scholars involved in UJT have experimented with various forms ofcommunity-engaged methods in order to generate impactful research that will inform policy-making andadvocacy work to address inequities in their respective fields of interest. This project proposes to research,document, and evaluate relevant community-based activities and resources proposed, developed and usedby MC and UJT, particularly participatory design, implementation and assessment processes. TheCreativity and Sustainability project has two intersecting objectives. First, to empower specific marginalizedgroups and communities through the use of community based participatory research (CBPR) approaches,including annotating and adding to Artifex, and building public bibliographies for UJT. Second, bydocumenting, comparing and assessing the use of community-engaged, participatory, and arts-based tools,methodologies and frameworks at MC and UJT. The post-doctoral fellow will lead this process over a 12-month period.As an arts service organization, MC is known to be a central actor when it comes to sharing relevantresearch on the arts across its own national network.

Laurence Dubuc
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mary Elizabeth Luka
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