Design of an EV Charging Infrastructure: DC Grid for High Density Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging and other DC Loads

West 5 community in London, Ontario, will pursue high penetration of electric vehicles, and is exploring an innovative marketing program of including them with the sale of each new condominium unit. The primary objective of this project is to determine an economical approach to create an acceptable infrastructure for these electric vehicles that will be desired by the community. The study will evaluate how to improve the efficiency of using Solar Energy to charge vehicles’ battery and for other DC loads in the London West 5 community. One of the main purposes of the West 5 project is to create a showcase for sustainable design and products that will attract global attention, which will create civic pride and draw people to participate. On the other hand, the benefit to S2E will be properly designing Net Zero and Smart communities with DC based infrastructure.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ehab El-Saadany


Seyedeh Elham Akhavan Rezai


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Waterloo



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