Evaluation of CO2 Sequestration Opportunities in Lloydminster Post-chops Heavy Oil Reservoirs and Underlying Aquifers

Carbon capture and storage is a feasible, reliable and economic approach to reduce CO2 emission. Llydiminster area on the boarder of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta is an area with significant heavy oil production and a large amount of CO2 resources from thermal operated heavy oil production facilities and oil upgraders. Deploying CCU technology in this area can significant reduce the CO2 emission in the oil industry in this area. This study focus on feasibility of carbon geo-sequestration in those heavy oil reservoirs and underlying aquifers in this area.

Chen Shen;Bo Wang;Jiawei Tu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Fanhua Bill Zeng;Hairuo Qing;Saman Azadbakht
Partner University: