A Feasibility and Usability Study of Virtual Reality Assessment for Paramedic Occupational Competency (VAPOC) in Saskatchewan

This goal of the project is compare tools that can be used to evaluate the job performance of paramedics in a fair, equitable and consistent way whether they live in Saskatchewan or somewhere else in the world. Individuals who have completed their paramedic training will be evaluated using a common real life situation that they will experience when working as a paramedic in our province. The situation will be experienced in an artificial environment or through the use of a mannequin doll. The student interns will help in creating the realistic situation by assisting in the design of the artificial environment and through developing fair, equitable and consistent evaluation methods no matter if they are tested in an artificial world or real world.

Devon Blewett;Robert Yeung;Shanthy Thivakaran
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ramona Kyabaggu;Shauna Davies
Partner University: