Nanwakolas Council Society Seafood and Forestry Sector Research


The Chief’s Pride Aquaculture Corporation (CPAC) and the Nanwakolas Council Society are undertaking Strategic research on behalf of 8 member Nations in support of a Regional Economic Development Strategy. This research is comprised of two studies (1) Seafood Industry Overview and Analysis And (2) Forestry Sector Economic Opportunity Analysis. With CPAC and the Nanwakolas Council moving forward with delivering upon its mandate and Business objectives, this Innovative research Will inform decision--‐makers of advantageous strategies within new product development and business operation arenas. Graduate students will utilize innovative business research methodologies to create new  solutions for all stakeholders involved through vitally important community interaction and investigation of secondary literature.

Robin Poirier & Kevin Moroso
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. James Tansey
British Columbia