Social Determinants and Quality of Life Measurement Framework for Indigenous Digital Health Systems

This research project will involve exploration, analysis and consultation for developing of a framework integrating information about social determinants of health and quality of life measures into an Indigenous Digital Health Ecosystem. The framework will include guidance for collecting, analyzing, and using social and health data to inform policy, investment, clinical, and service actions in First Nations communities. The research will leverage the work of the World Health Organization (WHO) on integrated people-centred health services and will be guided by indigenous perspectives and participatory engagement with First Nations communities and stakeholders. In so doing, the research will provide the evidence required for the partner organizations to collaborative develop a new culturally aligned digital platform(“MIS Platform”) and a suite of integrated applications that meet the unique needs of the target indigenous communities to support social determinants of health, ownership and control of data, and Nation-building.

Kathleen Lounsbury;Ayumi Sasaki;Monica Friesen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rick Sawatzky;Kendra Rieger
British Columbia
Partner University: