Project Start Date Requirements

Accelerate and BSI projects must begin after their research review is complete and approval has been granted. Generally, projects should start within one year of the receipt of research approval.

Accelerate and BSI internship units should not start until both the research review approval has been obtained AND the partner organization funds have been received at Mitacs. Individual internship start dates will not be confirmed by Mitacs staff until the receipt of the partner funds.

Project End Date Requirements

Participants will be notified as the end date of their project is approaching and must request an extension to Mitacs.

Accelerate and BSI project end dates can be extended by one year past the original projected end date. If any internships within a project have not been completed within this time, including units without a named intern (TBD units), those internships may be subject to cancellation.

Applicants can adjust internship start dates with named interns as long as the project is completed by either the original end date in the approved proposal or the extended end date granted by Mitacs.

These rules do not affect current policies regarding when the funds of an individual internship unit can be spent.