AM 630 CHED: International interest in Canadian universities

An internship program is seeing a 58% increase in the amount of international students coming to Canada.

The Mitacs Globalink program helps top performing undergrad students, from all over the world, come to Canadian universities.

And 55 students in the program have come to the University of Alberta this summer.

CEO of Mitacs, Alejandro Adem says that majority of those 55 students are from countries with high populations and booming economies.

“If we can tap in to the talent abroad and bring it to Alberta’s best universities, then I think these universities will be moving up on the rankings,” says Adem. “They’ll be attracting first rate intellects, and future discoverers of groundbreaking inventions and innovation.”

The students are here in Canada for three months. Currently 750 international students are doing their work at 45 different Canadian universities. 

By: Tyler Loutan