CBC Windsor: UWindsor research helps unlock efficiencies for Ford

Ford Motor Co. is turning to a research team at the University of Windsor to look at improving how efficiently workers build cars on the assembly line.

The team is led by Joel Cort, a professor at the university. Cort and his team are working on a project involving computer simulations and video game technology to map how Ford workers move while working at the automaker’s factories in Ontario.

Once that data has been collected it will be input into a digital human software model to find out if there are ways to improve the workstation.

“We’re trying to understand human behaviour,” Cort said. “We want to put [the human] into the manufacturing process so we can assess the way people are going to be able to put cars together well before the physical assembly line is built.”

“From that digital human model we can understand the demands that the particular jobs or stations have on the operator,” Cort said. 

CBC News