CityNews Montreal: Montreal researcher makes potential life-saving breakthrough in eye cancer research

By Felisha Adam

McGill University’s Prisca Bustamante was recoognized by the 2021 Mitacs Awards for Outstanding Innovation — PhD for developing the world’s first non-invasive blood screening test for uveal melanoma, the most common eye cancer found in adults. Her novel test is currently being used in a clinical study at the McGill Academic Eye Centre and is expected to have global impact. She says the non-invasive blood screening test will be easily accessible and save lives by detecting cancer earlier. “Our test is minimally invasive, it is a blood collection, so it’s accessible,” she said. “There are no side effects, a patient can go to an eye clinic, have their blood collected – the blood is going to be analyzed in the lab – and then go home. Without any side effects,” explained Bustamante.

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