IT World Canada: Mitacs placing 400 interns with ENCQOR 5G network projects

ENCQOR 5G is a partnership with a focus on driving innovation in the 5G space between Ontario, Quebec, and Canada and five industry leaders: Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, IBM Canada and CGI.

Benoit Pelletier, the head of ENCQOR 5G, spoke in a press release about the need for talent in the space.

“In the extremely competitive 5G landscape, it’s crucial that we tap into the best researchers and develop young talent in strategic areas,” said Pelletier. “Mitacs puts us in touch with highly qualified individuals who match the research profile we’re looking for.”

Eric Bosco, the chief business development officer for Mitacs, said the organization’s role in the partnership is mostly focused on research.

“Mitacs is an integral part of research and development teams — we understand where our partners’ pain points are and help them identify which part of their research roadmap is conducive to partnering with academia,” explained Bosco.

He further added that once Mitacs secures a match between an intern and a project, they continue to manage the placement to ensure everything is running well between the company and the researcher.

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