The Vancouver Sun: From hydrogen to yeast: B.C. tech startups get a helping hand

The hydrogen fuel cell has been around for years, thanks to B.C.’s pioneering Ballard Power Systems. Fuel-cell stacks are a mature technology and their products are being rolled out around the world, including 1,000 transit buses in Europe.

Vancouver is a little behind, with just one hydrogen filling station, though six more are in the works.

Hydrogen can be made from water, or even better, from natural gas using a process that allows carbon to be captured. No real problem there.

“As soon I looked to see what was holding up the hydrogen economy, it was right there: hydrogen storage,” said Quan, CEO and co-founder of Hydrogen in Motion (H2M). “What nobody was looking at in 2012 was how to move it. As a pressurized gas it makes no sense.”

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