There is no stated limit to the number of internships an academic supervisor can support, however, there are practical limits to how much time is reasonably available in their schedule to manage multiple internships. Academic supervisors and/or co-supervisors are expected to provide hands-on guidance to interns as they move through the project.
* It must be realistic for the academic supervisor to provide or arrange for appropriate academic supervision for all interns they are listed as supervising.
* The academic supervisor who signs the proposal may choose to involve other qualified individuals at the academic institution, such as program or research staff or senior graduate students and/or postdocs, in the hands-on supervision of interns.

* Interns and academic supervisors and/or other qualified individuals at the academic institution must meet on a regular basis to discuss project progress and any challenges.
* The academic supervisory role and support for the intern must be detailed in the project proposal. If additional individuals will be part of the supervisory team, please describe the responsibilities of each team member in the project proposal.
* The academic supervisor must be involved in the development of the project proposal with the intern and the partner organization and must sign off on the project through the Registration and Application Portal.

Both academic supervisors and co-supervisors listed on the project must be eligible as per the guidelines laid out in our Eligibility section.