A recruiter’s top three tips to jumpstart your job search

When you’re in school, it’s easy to let projects and assignments stand in the way of you preparing for your eventual job search. The following steps can put you in an advantageous position when you’re ready to enter the job market:

1. Research the companies hiring for your skill set

Each week, research at least two companies where you could imagine working. Follow those that interest you on LinkedIn, create a candidate profile in their careers portal, and set up job alerts. You’ll receive the latest company updates and job alerts that match your profile.

2. Position yourself to match a job’s requirements

Now that you’re receiving job alerts, you can sense what skills companies are seeking. Wherever possible, target your projects and assignments so that you gain practical experience that can be added to your résumé or application. You can:

  • Take on different roles in a project team, join a committee or board, and participate in extracurricular activities where possible.
  • Attend a Mitacs Training workshop. They offer practical, career-related training to grad students and postdocs in skills that are in demand by employers.
  • Undertake a Mitacs Accelerate internship to connect with a company and gain experience within an organization.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of networking

Most people think of networking as connecting with people already employed in your field. But the best networking opportunities happen during your academic career.

  • Cultivate relationships with your friends and classmates and add them on LinkedIn. You’ll gain long-term connections and a future resource for support and advice.
  • Attend events organized by your university. You’ll meet new contacts and put your networking skills to good practice. Don’t forget to check Mitacs for research and innovation events in your region.
  • Attend the Mitacs Training Networking Skills workshop. If you’re new to networking (or just need a refresher), it will equip you with the right skills and broaden your social circle.

These tips can help you build a strong professional foundation and will make your eventual job search easier.

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Andrea Bailey is a Certified Human Resources Leader. She specializes in recruitment and talent development and has recruited for positions in information technology, engineering, non-profits, and others.

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