Analyzing watershed health to build a more resilient city

The Team

Intern Juan David Carvajalino; Holland College supervisor Bryan Grimmelt; City of Charlottetown; and local watershed groups

Holland College student investigated water quality and biodiversity of local watersheds to help build a more ecologically resilient city.

The City of Charlottetown, PEI, has partnered with Holland College to study the water quality and biodiversity of local watersheds. While data has been collected for over five years, analysis of trends over time had never been done — meaning the municipality and its partners were missing key information for critical management and planning. A Mitacs BSI intern has analyzed this information and provided recommendations for the city to enhance the biodiversity and ecological health of the life in its watershed.

“Without a dedicated person with the right background, this project likely would have not been completed to the same degree. The results will provide valuable insights into the health of Charlottetown’s watersheds and the impact of development on them.”

– Alistair Ozon, Water Coordinator, City of Charlottetown

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Mitacs Team
Mitacs Team

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