Balance Biogas: fueling the future, naturally.

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Balance Biogas and Kaitlin Halickman, Bachelor of Business Administration student at Yukon University

Balance Biogas is revolutionizing how we power our world. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking research, this Yukon-based company is transforming organic waste into a valuable resource. With support from Mitacs, Balance Biogas is spearheading efficient, clean, and renewable biogas production methods that are driving down greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a circular economy. The company is leading its community towards a brighter, greener future.

“At Balance Biogas, we believe that every action counts in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. With Mitacs’s support, we’ve been able to convert organic waste into a valuable asset and advance our mission of reshaping the energy landscape.” – Jonathan Osborne, CEO, Balance Biogas

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Mitacs Team
Mitacs Team

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