Construction planning gets new eyes on the road

Intern from France helps build construction planning software

Wendlasida Ouedraogo is part of a research team at École Polytechnique de Montréal that is developing the next generation of computer vision software, which automates visual tasks, to help civil engineers and city planners get ahead of construction demand.

Wendlasida is spending a 12-week research internship under the guidance of Professor Nicolas Saunier, and is fine-tuning the user-friendly interface of specialized video analysis software. The software uses computer vision techniques to analyze video from traffic cameras. It can count the volume of vehicles coming and going, as well as pedestrian movement and other activity. The result is insight for civil engineers and planners as they decide on the size and types of traffic infrastructure the city needs to be built.Wendlasida

Originally from France, Wendlasida has enjoyed the experience of working in a Canadian research team, saying, “I’ve learned many things while I’m here, like communication and project management.” He has also benefited from a new experience that is helping him to set goals for his future.

“I had never worked on designing interfaces in a laboratory before this internship,” says Wendlasida. “So it’s been a good experience to see how the software is made from the beginning.

“And working in my lab has shown me that research can be exciting. It’s helped me to decide what I might want to do for my future career.”

His experience of the city and province has also been fulfilling. Despite construction season, he concludes, “Everyone in Montreal always seems so happy!”

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