From Invention to Innovation: Redefining Canada via Entrepreneurship

Advancing entrepreneurship is an essential part of Mitacs’s mission to bring innovation into reach. We take a holistic approach to fostering entrepreneurship in Canada through targeted programming, tailored skills development offerings to students, and through foundational aspects of our innovation platform model.

Learn more about our approach to boosting entrepreneurship as a lever that helps create jobs, builds growth, and redefines our future.

Why Mitacs supports entrepreneurship >>

Mitacs is dedicated to pioneering innovative programming to address critical gaps in entrepreneurship. In 2022, we commissioned a comprehensive study in partnership with Invention to Innovation (i2I) to investigate existing models of postdoctoral programs tailored to commercialization within STEM fields. The findings revealed a pressing need for enhanced support to train postdoctoral researchers, bridging the gap between research and commercial application in Canada. In response, we introduced the i2I Commercialization Postdoc program pilot as a collaboration between Mitacs and i2I. This initiative focuses on early translation and knowledge mobilization stages.

For those interested in delving deeper into the insights and recommendations provided by the study, we invite you to explore the full report. Join us as we work towards realizing the full potential of research innovation and commercialization in Canada.

Mitacs Team
Mitacs Team

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