How research internships impact grad student and postdoc careers

What are your chances of getting a job after a Mitacs Accelerate internship? How many interns stay in Canada after doing research with an industry partner? How many start their own company?

To find out answers to these questions and more, we conducted a survey of past Mitacs Accelerate interns. 

Véronique Dugas, Evaluation Officer at Mitacs explains how the survey was done.

Why did we do this survey?

We’ve been delivering internships with industry for more than 10 years –long enough to look back at past participants and see what they have become, and how the program influenced their academic and professional development. It has given us extremely valuable information about the impact of Accelerate, and it helps us improve the program for future participants.

Who participated in the survey?

We reached out to former interns by email and through social media. More than a quarter responded during the fall of 2013, including past interns from all disciplines, nine provinces and 44 academic institutions.

What were some of the key results?

Former interns reported the acquisition of new professional skills, a willingness to stay in Canada for work, as well as the direct creation of new job opportunities. 96% of former Accelerate participants would not hesitate to recommend the program to other graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  

Want to see more results? Click below to read some of the key findings.



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