100% Canadian Sourced Enhanced Antiviral Medical Masks for COVID-19 and PPE Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has created supply chain issues for medical masks worldwide. There is clearly a need for mask manufacturing and material sourcing capabilities in Canada. This proposal is a partnership with Feedband Labs to develop an enhanced ASTM 2-3 equivalent, antiviral medical mask that can be strategically sourced and produced in Canada. The 4-layer medical mask contains antiviral agents embedded into high surface area supports in the inner layer of the face mask, providing an additional layer of protection for the user. Feedband Labs aims to establish manufacturing capabilities of up to 500,000 masks per day through their manufacturing partners within the first year. This research will allow Canada to produce antiviral medical masks that are locally sourced and address current issues with the distribution of masks to frontline essential workers and the general public.

Faculty Supervisor:

Norman Zhou


Robert Liang;Pablo Enrique


Feedband Labs Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Waterloo



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