2013 NS Farmers’ Markets Economic Impact Study

The project is to complete an economic impact study on the farmers' market sector in Nova Scotia. The method used to collect the necessary information is called a Rapid Market Assessment. This method is a participatory research method meaning the staff, volunteers, vendors, and customers of the farmers' markets will directly participate in gathering the necessary information. The first step of this project is to train farmers' market staff, volunteers and vendors across the province in this methodology. The second step of the project is to support participating farmers' markets to undertake the participatory research in their market one day during the market season. The third step of the project is to collect the information from participating farmers' markets and to use it to create a final report – an Economic Impact Study. This report will be used by individual farmers' markets as well as the Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia Cooperative to forge partnerships and illustrate value. The process of participating in this project will also build the capacity of farmers' markets across the province, enabling them to undertake future research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mark Raymond


Kyler Crawford


Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia Cooperative Ltd.






Saint Mary's University



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