3-D UAV Magnetometry for Improved Target Characterization in Mineral Exploration

Geophysical exploration is one of the primary forms of preliminary site investigation used to characterize ore potential and the economic viability of newly discovered mineral deposits. The current platforms for collecting magnetic data include dense coverage but low resolution airborne surveys and high resolution but low coverage terrestrial surveys. The recent
proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) offers an opportunity to fill the observation gap inherent in conventional
survey methods. This project will build upon the UAV magnetometer platforms developed at Queen’s University as well as
the UAV operational expertise of the industry partner (Sumac Geomatics Inc.). The main objectives of this project are to
demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of UAV magnetometry to perform high-resolution 3-D magnetic gradient
surveys and to develop optimized survey strategies for improved target characterization including adaptive sensing. By the end of this project, the intern will be equipped with state-of-the-art technological and processing knowledge for nonintrusive site investigations and enhanced mineral exploration strategies. The partner organization will continue to be at the forefront of remote sensing technologies for enhanced/improved information products, which is a critical component of their ongoing success in a competitive marketplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexander Braun


Callum Walter


Sumac Geomatics Incorporated




Environmental industry


Queen's University



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