3D Breast Microwave Imagery Reconstruction and Focusing

During the last few years, Breast Microwave imaging (BMI) has shown its potential as an alternative technique for breast cancer detection. BMI offers a variety of features, such as a high contrast between cancer and breast tissue and non-compressive image acquisition procedures which would make its use desirable in a clinical environment. Due to the fact that target reflections present different travel times and the collected data is a function of the arrival time and scan location, the recorded responses must be reconstructed in order to be properly visualized and interpreted. Thus, the intern’s research objective is the development of a frequency domain reconstruction algorithm for BMI data acquired along a 3D trajectory. Testing of the 3D reconstruction method is intended as well in order to evaluate its potential capabilities and limitations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gabriel Thomas


Daniel Flores Tapia


CancerCare Manitoba




Life sciences


University of Manitoba



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