3D building/structure model reconstruction using multiple aerial images

The objective of this research is to propose and implement a set of new methodologies to create a 3D hazard map that includes models of structures and obstacles in the airport area. The project uses multiple oblique and nadir views high resolution aerial imageries (pictometery images) to reconstruct such models. Various views of an obstacle are combined using image processing and computer vision algorithms to create an accurate 3D wireframe model of the obstacle. The building blocks of the project include two sub‐systems. The first subsystem models the entire obstacle including buildings, poles, and trees. The second sub‐system creates a precise rooftop model for urban city buildings. This model includes the length, the slope and the area of every segment of the rooftop.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Parvaneh Saeedi


Mohammad Izadi


MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.




Aerospace and defense


Simon Fraser University



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