3D Imaging Development for Part Dimensional Measurement

Manual inspection method is still applied by mounting parts on customized checking fixtures and thus dimensions are checked with different gauges/feelers. Typically, it could take 10 -30 minutes to fully inspect the required spatial dimensions of one part. This project will develop an automated 3D dimensional inspection system for deep drawing parts. After manually mounting the part, the system will fully scan the whole part by 3D sensors/scanners. Interested features like primitives, holes, edges, diameters or angles then can be calculated or determined through 3D point clouds data post-processing. Shape and position tolerances will be evaluated if they can meet the customer’s requirements. The expected inspection accuracy and speed will be less than 0.3 mm and 1 min/part respectively.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kamran Behdinan


Shervin Aslani


Van-Rob Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation




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