3D printers-oriented supply chain management paradigm

3D printers are supposed to bring many innovations to the industrial world. These products promise to change the way we do business and collaborate with supply chain partners, since the mass production process will have to change to a widely distributed, highly flexible, small-scale manufacturing. Some researchers believe that first-order implications will cause businesses all along the supply, manufacturing, and retailing chains to rethink all their strategies and the way operations are managed. And a second-order implication will have even greater impact, but we still do not know exactly what is possible. In this project the intern will have the opportunity to analyze how 3D printers can change the traditional supply chain management paradigm. Awaiting more information from the professor. Please check back soon. Do not contact Globalink Research Internships.

Faculty Supervisor:

Luis Antonio De Santa-Eulalia


Mariana Hernandez



Engineering - mechanical





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