4D modeling of potential fields at active volcanic systems

Explosive silica-rich volcanic eruptions pose a major, recurring threat to Earth’s surface environment; these eruptions can immediately deposit up to several hundred cubic kilometers of volcanic ash over hundreds to millions of square kilometers, posing a societal hazard at the scale of an entire continent. It is therefore essential that we collect comprehensive data and develop 4D models (3D through time) that realistically account for the dynamics that lead to these destructive events. This requires that we understand the precursory magma dynamics on both long (years to millennia), and short (months to weeks) human time scales. The PhD student will make annual field campaigns to Chile and New Zealand to collect potential field (gravity, magnetic and electrical) data; this will subsequently be analyzed and modeled in conjunction with a range of other complimentary data. Using an extraordinarily wide range of non-proprietary data, this research partnership will allow for the cross-calibration and optimization of commercial modeling code that will benefit both academia and industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Glyn Williams-Jones


Craig Miller


Mira Geoscience


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry


Simon Fraser University



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