A Body-Sizing Model to determine Personalized Spring Stiffness for the Personal Lift Assistive Device (PLAD)


The Personal Lift Assistive Device (PLAD) is an “on-body” ergonomic aid comprised of: 1) a spring box to assist workers’ back muscles; 2) padded cables to tension the springs at the shoulders and feet; and, 3) a pelvic spacer to provide improved leverage. In all previous tests, the PLAD has reduced back force requirements by ~ 20% during lifting and static holding tasks. This proposed research project has three phases: 1) develop a sizing chart for small, medium and large workers using previous data and lab tests, 2) determine its effectiveness in a field trial at a local nylon company, and 3) create a spring stiffness chart, PLAD sizing brochure and computer interface to be used by Peakworks Inc. This work will help the company: i) manufacture PLAD systems that are ideally suited to workers’ personal characteristics and their job demands, and ii) reach the marketplace sooner with a simple and cost-effective marketing aid.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joan M. Stevenson


Joshua D. Fick


Peakworks Inc.






Queen's University



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