A Clean Energy Plan for CleanBC: Informing the development of BC’s clean energy future

CleanBC is British Columbia’s recent climate strategy outlining how the province plans to transition from fossil fuels to a clean and renewable energy system. The plan contains targets that are meant to set a pathway towards a more sustainable future; however, Pembina Institute recently recommended that the government develop a clean energy plan to back up the CleanBC strategy by outlining more specifically how clean energy is going to be used to achieve the province’s clean energy targets (Riehl, Tam Wu & Kniewasser, 2019). Based on this recommendation, this project will look at ways to develop a provincial clean energy plan that works alongside CleanBC. The clean energy plan will include a creation of scenarios for transitioning the transportation system to lower carbon alternatives, such as hydrogen, in order to provide an example of how the provincial government can more clearly and transparently help reduce the use of fossil fuels. The project will help Pembina inform the provincial government on ways to achieve climate-related goals in a more efficient and rapid manner in a time when the damaging impacts of our consumption of energy on the climate are becoming increasingly unavoidable.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martino Tran


Lucie Stepanik


Pembina Institute


Urban studies


Other services (except public administration)


University of British Columbia



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